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  All TV Series DVDs    50% off...

example...   "Grey's Anatomy" complete 2nd season, our price 7.95   now - 3.50

   Books put on the .50 cent bookselves in front every day  ( if you ask how much the 50 cent books are they're $1.00, if you complain about the price they're $2.00 )



And many more to choose from:

3407 Memorial Avenue

Lynchburg, Va


New & Used Books in Lynchburg

Religion, Theology

Classic Books

We have a whole room overflowing with religious books as well as another room with religious fiction and we're always interested in buying good used Religion books.

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10 to 6pm

New & Used Books in Lynchburg

Movies & DVDs in Lynchburg

We have so many Kids and young adult books they are in several places in the shop... Classic children, very young, easy readers, etc. We purchase and trade these books also.

Children's Books

A good Book soothes the soul, and at Bookshop on the Avenue, we have an extensive stock of Classic Literature to choose from.

Ah, a good Romance Book can take you away to a foreign land and enchanted adventure...

   Lynchburg's Legendary Bookshop... A Bookshop like you've never seen before!

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