We have so many Kids and young adult books they are in several places in the shop... Classic children, very young, easy readers, etc. We purchase and trade these books also.


A good Book soothes the soul, and at Bookshop on the Avenue, we have an extensive stock of Classic Literature to choose from.

Children's Books

Religion, Theology

We have a whole room overflowing with religious books as well as another room with religious fiction and we're always interested in buying good used Religion books.

Ah, a good Romance Book can take you away to a foreign land and enchanted adventure...

Classic Books

And many more to choose from:

       A Book paints pictures & Memories in your head that you would never experience otherwise!

   Lynchburg's Legendary Bookshop... A Bookshop like you've never seen before!

                                          125,000+ Used Books and DVDs   3 Floors of Fun!

3407 Memorial Avenue

Lynchburg, Va


Lynchburg's Local Bookshop for 30 yrs.






   We are presently buying books...

Children's books, Theology, Classics, Non-Fiction, etc.

Also buying Vinyl records, Comics & DVDs

      You may Buy, sell, trade or donate books here.

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10 to 6pm

               Bookshop Rules:

1... You may talk as loud as you want

2... Fun is permitted on premises

3... You may be yourself and nobody else

4... Members & Non-members only

5... Face diapers are optional

6... All rules must be strictly followed, unless you don't want to.